Products & Services

Torrent’s gas processing fleet is designed to be flexible, meeting customers' demands for economical, low impact installation, minimal maintenance, streamlined operations and maximum run time.

In addition to state-of-the-art equipment, Torrent also offers full transportation, installation and ongoing operational services in the field.

Torrent is truly a full-service, turnkey solutions provider for wellhead gas capture and processing, NGL recovery and VOC emission reduction.

Customer Need

  • NGL recovery
  • Flare and VOC emission reduction
  • Hydrocarbon and water dew point control
  • Gas conditioning
    • Fuel for natural gas engines
    • Hydrocarbon feed for CNG and LNG processes

Torrent Solution


  • Mechanical Refrigeration Units
  • NGL stabilizers
  • NGL storage tanks
  • Natural gas-powered generators


  • Transportation and installation
  • Commissioning and startup
  • Ongoing operations
  • Maintenance
  • NGL Marketing