Torrent’s robust, modular equipment is designed to handle very rich gas and a broad range of flow rates.

Additionally, our technology and equipment operates reliably in harsh weather environments, making it ideal for resource plays in areas such as the Bakken or the Permian. Our equipment is capable of operating in 120 degrees in the summer in New Mexico and sub -40 degrees in the winter in North Dakota.

Torrent's Rental Fleet Includes:

Mechanical “Straight” Refrigeration Units

  • Nominal flow rates of 300 Mscfd to 10.0 MMscfd and up
  • Process temperatures down to -20 degrees
  • Propane and Freon refrigerants

NGL Stabilizer Units

  • Nominal unit capacities up to 1,000 barrels
  • De-methanizer/de-ethanizer tower
  • NGL after cooler

NGL Storage Tanks

  • Nominal capacities of 14,500 to 18,000 gallons
  • NGL bulkhead delivery system

Power Generation Units

  • Nominal prime power rating of 50 to 250 kW
  • Winterized and sound attenuated enclosures
  • Trailer mounted for ease of mobility
  • Engine controllers used in conjunction with rich burn engines allow units to operate safely with a wide range of fuel gas quality

Torrent Equipment Characteristics

Mobile Skid-Mounted Units

  • With exceptional turndown capability and the ability to be stacked, units can process a broad range of flow rates
  • Skids do not require concrete foundations providing quick installation and mobility

New Equipment

  • Custom-built fleet is less than two years old and new plants are being delivered continually
  • Provides significantly greater useful life than competitors

Standardized Design

  • Safe, easy to operate and maintain
  • Units are built in various sizes to the same design and footprint, requiring a smaller inventory of parts

Factory Built, Not Field Assembled

  • Controlled environment results in superior construction and consistent design
  • Modular, prepackaged units are delivered ready to install, increasing productivity and reducing safety risks

Each Unit Built to Highest Specifications

  • Streamlined components maximize efficiency and runtime
  • Equipment meets or exceeds standard industry codes