Case Study

The following is a recent case study conducted in McKenzie County, North Dakota — in the heart of the Bakken. For this customer, Torrent reduced VOC emissions by 83%, and recovered 16,375 gallons per day of NGL's.

Reduced VOC Emissions by 83%
Captured 80% of NGLs
Recovered 16,375 gal/day of NGLs

Inlet Gas Condition

Flow Rate 3 MMSCFD
Gross Heating Value 1,583.3 Btu/cf
C2+ GPM Content 11.43 GPM

Outlet Gas Condition

Flow Rate 2.4 MMSCFD
Gross Heating Value 1,228.0 Btu/cf
C2+ GPM Content 7.02 GPM


Flare Volume Reduction 23.6%
Flare Intensity Reduction 40.7%
VOC Emission Reduction 83.2%
C3+ Recovery by Volume 79.5%
Y-Grade NGL Recovery 16,375 gal/d