Gas Capture Solution

Torrent’s service has proven to be valued in areas with limited natural gas infrastructure that are producing substantial volumes of rich associated gas. In constrained areas where flaring is necessary, Torrent's combination of refrigeration units and power generators create an incremental revenue stream from NGL sales, consume surplus gas at the site and dramatically reduce VOC emissions.

Torrent is actively helping the gas capture efforts in North Dakota, where flaring is prevalent. Torrent assists producers meet the North Dakota Industrial Commission’s gas capture requirements and enables them to produce oil without state imposed restrictions. The Commission recognizes NGL recovery and power generation as two approved “beneficial manners” to be included in the producer’s gas capture calculation.

Not All Refrigeration is Created Equal

Torrent’s equipment is specifically designed to help producers increase productivity, maximize profitability and reduce flaring and VOC emissions.

More Volume

Torrent’s robust equipment can handle larger volumes associated with multiple well-drilling programs.

More Refrigeration

Straight mechanical refrigeration can handle extremely wet gas and has a design processing temperature of -20°F.

More Service

Torrent provides a full-service model: transporting, installing, commissioning, startup, operating and maintaining all equipment.