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Torrent Energy Services believes that an Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) focus is necessary to create long-term, sustainable value for employees, shareholders and all stakeholders. We believe that leading ESG performance is yet another way for us to generate positive energy in our world.


Sustainable ESG objectives

Torrent has experienced reduced spills, increased innovation, and quick ethics resolutions as a result of new policies and technologies. Our objectives are to sustain previous ESG success and to improve our social responsibility focused on military veterans, poverty alleviation, and secondary education in our communities.

Mountains ESG
Mountains ESG


Torrent Energy has adopted an aggressive approach to spill prevention, containment, documentation and reporting of all water and hydrocarbon escapes. This systematic approach has ensured compliance and has created an environmentally focused workforce that has contributed to an overall reduction in spills.

Diverse hands in a huddle


One of Torrent’s core values is to “drive new thinking.” Our strong workplace diversity and community service initiatives provide opportunities for unique perspectives and opportunities for employees to collaborate, driving new thinking to create innovative solutions during dynamic and challenging business cycles.

Diverse hands in a huddle
Ethics Wordcloud
Ethics Wordcloud


The ethics focus at Torrent Energy is simple: every employee must conduct all activities with the highest level of integrity and behavior. We created an “ethics hotline” to ensure our Code of Business Ethics are being followed. Our swift resolution of ethics hotline calls has led to significant reductions in compliance incidents.

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