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Gas Capture

Torrent offers skid mounted, portable and expandable gas conditioning solutions that are required upstream of most complete flare mitigation processes and technologies.

Torrent Gas Capture Spread

Virtual Pipeline

Mechanical Refrigeration is a great solution for the upstream dehydration and gas conditioning that is required to convert field gas to CNG or LNG for distribution via Virtual Pipeline.

Mining Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency mining can be a very energy intensive operation, powering and cooling a series of supercomputers. Torrent can help condition your stranded or flared gas to be used for large scale power generation to support these cryptocurrency mining operations, creating value from an otherwise wasted resource.

Sequestration Operations

When available, producers may opt to compress their gas back into injection wells for total flare mitigation. Torrent can support the fuel gas conditioning for compression and the gas conditioning and NGL recovery required to compress the gas to be reinjected. This horsepower optimization and monetization of NGLs can help offset the operational expenses incurred during these processes.


TRU-65T Gas Processing Unit Brochure

Torrent brochure on TRU-65T Gas Processing Unit

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