Natural Gas Coolers

Torrent’s Forced Draft Gas Cooling Solutions are designed to reduce the temperature of composite process streams to meet pipeline transmission or wellhead processing requirements. Our experienced engineering and operations team will ensure operational success by evaluating all process and site conditions to provide a solution meeting all specifications supplied.

Torrent's Forced Draft Cooler


This skid mounted, portable and expandable Gas Cooling Solution is designed for low cost, quick and easy installation and start up.

Optimal Performance

The EH style cooler features vertical exhaust, which provides optimal performance in any wind direction. This flexibility is beneficial when facility layout and spacing limitations do not align with prevailing wind direction.

Engine Swing Efficiency

The gas coolers come complete with an integrated hydraulic jack that allows the natural gas engine to swing from operating and transporting configurations without needing a crane or forklift.


TGC-108H Forced Draft Gas Cooler Spec Sheet

Torrent brochure on Forced Draft Gas Cooler

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