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Dual Fuel Drilling and Completions

Torrent offers skid mounted, portable and expandable gas processing solutions that enable the use of dual fuel technology blend natural gas to reduce diesel consumption and improve engine emissions for drilling and completion operations.

Maximum Diesel Displacement

When using dual fuel diesel blending technologies, maximum diesel displacement is achieved when the dehydrated and conditioned fuel gas supplements the diesel fuel source.

Engine Emissions Reduction

Upstream completions operations that use dual fuel diesel blending technologies with conditioned fuel gas can significantly reduce their exhaust emissions over completion operations running straight diesel engines.

Improved Completion Economics

Our gas processing systems can greatly improve completion project economics by reducing the diesel costs and introducing an additional revenue stream of the marketable NGLs that are recovered.


PRU Pressure Reduction Unit Brochure

Torrent brochure on Pressure Reduction Unit (PRU)

Upstream Fuel Gas Conditioning

Torrent brochure on upstream fuel gas conditioning

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