NGL Storage Tanks

Torrent’s skid mounted, portable, and expandable NGL Storage Tank solutions allow for on-site hydrocarbon liquid storage as an intermediate stage between extracting and marketing NGLs. Our experienced engineering and operations team will ensure operational success by assessing your application and storage needs and providing the required equipment.

Nominal Capacities

Torrent offers NGL Storage Tanks with a nominal water capacity of 18,000 to 30,000 gallons. Providing these nominal capacities allow Torrent’s application engineers to scale the customers’ NGL storage based on their demand and spacing constraints.

NGL Bulkhead Delivery System

The integrated NGL Bulkhead Delivery System included with the skid mounted storage tanks allows for fast, on-site loading and unloading of NGL from processing to the tanks and then again from the tanks to DOT MC331 rated transport trailers.

ASME Code Equipment

Torrent only uses ASME Certified vessels that are National Board Registered to ensure the safety and compliance of all of our NGL storage equipment.


TTK-18 NGL Storage Unit Spec Sheet

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