Natural Gas Cooling

Torrent offers skid mounted, portable and expandable natural gas cooling solutions designed to meet pipeline transmission or wellhead processing requirements. The pre-engineered package is ideal for low cost, quick and easy installation, commissioning and start up.

Installation Efficiency

Our gas cooling systems come skid mounted, complete with a natural gas engine with emissions control, fuel gas scrubber, control panel and hydraulic jack eliminating the need for a crane, increasing our installation efficiency, decreasing mobilization costs.

Operational Flexibility

Our gas cooling systems feature a vertical exhaust providing optimal performance in any wind direction. This feature maximizes the operational flexibility of the equipment eliminating limitations associated with prevailing wind direction.

Engineered Performance

Our gas cooling systems have a nominal gas capacity of 25 MMSCFD designed to cool the natural gas stream to a 15° to 20° approach to ambient temperatures.


Forced Draft Gas Cooler Brochure

Torrent brochure on forced draft gas cooler

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