Fuel Gas Conditioning

Torrent offers skid mounted, portable and expandable fuel gas conditioning solutions designed to lower the natural gas heating value to meet fuel combustion requirements or pipeline specifications by separating the propane and heavier hydrocarbons to market as Natural Gas Liquids.

Compressor Station Fueling

Our gas conditioning systems increase the correlated Methane Number of the field gas prior to combustion, maximizing horsepower efficiency and minimizing exhaust emissions.

Power Generation & Micro Grids

Many upstream completion and production operations require three phase power that is not always readily available in remote areas. Conditioning the field gas that is already on location to fuel natural gas generators for on site power consumption or off-site transmission can be a cost-effective alternative to waiting for permanent infrastructure.

Residue Gas to Market

Our gas conditioning systems provide the necessary dehydration and dew point management required to get stranded field gas to market via pipeline.


Upstream Fuel Gas Conditioning Brochure

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