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Mechanical Refrigeration Unit (MRU)

Torrent’s Mechanical Refrigeration Unit maximizes natural gas liquid recovery by separating the propane and heavier components resulting in a conditioned natural gas stream that can meet engine fuel or pipeline specifications. Our experienced engineering and operations team will ensure the success of your operations by providing and supporting a tailored solution for each and every application.

Torrent Mechanical Refrigeration Unit diagram

Reliable Design & Operation

This skid mounted, portable and expandable Gas Processing Unit was designed to operate reliably in harsh weather environments, making it an ideal solution from the Bakken to the Permian Basins.

Flexible Operating Window

Torrent’s standard designs are capable of processing gas volumes that range from 300 MSCFD to 5 MMSCFD and up. The application engineering team will customize a solution to the needs of each project.

NGL Stabilization and Hydrate Inhibition

Fully integrated NGL Stabilization allows recovered hydrocarbon liquids to be stabilized to trucking or pipeline specifications before being stored. The on-skid glycol regeneration system not only supplies heat for this NGL stabilization but is also used for hydrate inhibition of the inlet gas, eliminating the need for upstream dehydration and methanol injection.


TRU-65T Gas Processing Spec Sheet

Torrent brochure Gen 1 Gas Processing Unit

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