Torrent Energy Services was contacted by a company to provide fuel conditioning services to use their client’s field gas to fuel their 30MW gas turbine, which powered their all-electric frac fleet (E-Frac). While initially, the field gas looked to need further gas processing utilizing Torrent’s mobile MRU capabilities, it was later determined that the gas turbine could handle the rich field gas.

Torrent’s operations team completed a turnkey solution that included equipment mobilization, installation, commissioning, and demobilization at the project completion. Torrent provided initial conditioning, gas compression, and 24/7 operations to the customer’s E-Frac fleet on the three well pad in Howard County, TX.

Using local field gas and Torrent as a partner, our client eliminated over 270,000 gallons of diesel compared to a conventional frac while completing over 160 stages in 23 days. The cleaner-burning natural gas also reduced CO2, NOx, and particulate matter.