In April, Torrent Energy Services was selected by the Gas Processors Suppliers Association as one of seven companies to receive their annual safety award for 2020.


“The GPSA Safety Awards Program provides tangible, public evidence of appreciation by the industry, the association and industry colleagues to selected members who have visibly upheld the importance of safety in accordance with GPSA criteria for the distinctions,” said Johnny Dreyer, GPSA. “This group has led by example and joins an elite group of other members who have earned the same awards in previous years.”


GPSA safety awards are based on consideration of several factors that indicate a company’s focus on safety programs and performance, including OSHA records within their respective SIC code, safety improvement over the past three years, and ongoing formal programs that actively promote safety throughout their operations. GPSA will celebrate all midstream safety award recipients at the 2021 GPA Midstream Convention in San Antonio, Sept. 26 – 29.


Torrent had recently completed 6 years of no recordable accidents that included over 350,000 man hours. We are particularly proud of the Torrent employees who have contributed to achieving this milestone. Everyone takes pride in this accomplishment and we look for Torrent to continue to build on the safety culture that is a part of their DNA. Milestones like this are achieved because each individual takes responsibility for their actions as well as looking out for others on the job sites. Keep up the great work.